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Men need other men to link arms and journey through life together. You are not meant to battle alone.


[CONNECT] – Connect with men from Northwest at regular events throughout the year.

[RELATE] – Take the next step by relating with other men to build deeper relationships.

[DISCIPLE] – Once you are connecting and relating, we want to help you become more like Christ by getting you into a discipleship community. We have two different ways, mentoring and groups.

Men's Small Groups

Men’s small groups are where iron sharpens iron. We have groups that meet on our Northwest campus as well as in homes across our city. To begin connecting with other Christian men, you can search for open groups HERE.

Men's Mentoring Triads

Men’s Mentoring takes place in Triads because a cord of three strands is not quickly broken. We believe the body of Christ is first and foremost a partnership of generations that can only fully thrive when men of different ages come together to share wisdom and speak identity into one another. If you are interested in joining a Triad please fill out our interest form. 

Legacy Letter Challenge

We all want to leave a legacy that lasts.  More than that, we want a legacy that matters. Whether you’re already a father, hope to be one someday, or understand the influence you have as a spiritual father, come learn how to leave behind a legacy that inspires and encourages the younger generation for years to come, as we take up the Legacy Letter Challenge.

If you would like to complete the challenge on your own, you can use the code ADVENT to gain access to the materials.

For more information email the Group Life Admin at

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