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THE GYM at Northwest

We offer access to an excellent facility where the truth of Jesus is shared through the platforms of sports & fitness.


The offerings in THE GYM at Northwest, include athletic performance training (professional, collegiate and high school), yoga and weight training.

A high quality and professional facility supports these efforts, replete with a newly re-finished regulation basketball court, exercise rooms, free weights, machine weights, treadmills, elliptical machines and more.

Registration for New Participants

Athletic Performance Training

Our strength trainers provide world class training with the goal of physically training and spiritually edifying athletes for their sport and in their life. Contact Kiana for more information on APT classes.


Meet Our Trainers

Brian Lonergan
Whether it is a high school athlete after school or a corporate world athlete after work, the participants of this APT can expect to go through motions, lifts, and circuits that will increase their fitness capacity and maximize their athletic ability.


Regis Johnson 

Regis aims to challenge his participants despite their athletic background and pushes beyond perceived boundaries. With individuals ranging from aspirant 4th graders to professional basketball players, Regis' training proficiency include: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Weighted Resistance Training, Plyometric work, Basketball Skills, and Group Fitness.

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Ricky Zorn
With a focus primarily on the corporate world athletes, former collegiate football player Ricky Zorn will lead his APT with the experience of an elite level athlete and for the reality of the corporate world grind. “Just because you are going to be sitting in the office all day, doesn’t mean that you have to start your day that way.”



Joanna Brown 

If you are a woman looking to burn calories and build muscle tone, this is the class for you. All ages and levels welcome, but this one is for women only. Please text Joanna [503-881-7381] for more information and requirements.



Yoga & Meditation

Not all yoga and meditation is new-age spirituality! Our classes are open to all ability levels. Men and women ages 10 and up are welcome.


YOGA Classes:

Monday Afternoon @ 12:00pm-12:45pm

Tuesday Evening @ 5:45 PM

Thursday Evening @ 5:45 PM

Saturday Morning @ 9 AM 

Current Instructor Schedule



Meet Our Instructors


Pamela Lucia - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

All yogis welcome to find joy in the grounding and centering power of matching body movement to the breath. We incorporate longer holds of the asanas and deep stretches to lengthen tight muscles, find calm in the storm of life stressors, and balance out intense athletic training done outside yoga class. You will leave feeling refreshed, energized and strengthened.


Erinn Zielke - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This fast-paced yoga class incorporating breath, movement, and intention is a safe space to develop your strength, flexibility and focus. The vinyasa flow incorporates traditional and creative sequences that include options to arm balance and try inversions (there are modifications for all poses and levels). This class will have you moving and sweating!

Charise Warren -Holy Yoga

In this Christ-centered, slow flow yoga class we begin with a biblical message or devotional, set up the breath, then move into stretching, yoga postures and close with savasana and/or quiet meditation. Classes will inspire the message throughout the practice, include modern Christian music and some groovy moving to enhance flexibility, mobility, balance and strength. All welcome!


THE GYM Frequently Asked Questions

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