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During a child’s elementary school years, they are discovering how the world works and how to have fun in it.

Kids this age often test their limits and push beyond boundary markers of what they have known to be true. This is a time they begin to understand who God is and are ready to develop their own relationship with Him.

Kindergarten through 5th Grade meet at both 9 and 10:35 a.m. each Sunday morning in our Children's building.

K12 | Kindergarten – Grade 2

CLUB 345 | Grades 3 – 5


The Elementary Ministry strives to ENGAGE your children with activities that create laughter, fun, and connection as they learn about God’s divine love to positively facilitate their exploration and guide their curiosity.

As we ENGAGE your children through activity-based learning about God, His world and their role in His world, we help them trust God’s character and experience God’s family. Each week, your child will:

  • Participate in a high energy worship service geared toward their age.
  • Listen to Bible stories and participate in related small group activities.
  • Pray for themselves and others.
  • Learn about God’s character and how to love others.

During these elementary school years, we ENGAGE your child in God’s Word and equip them to enter our Middle School Ministry, where we aim to AFFIRM their identity in Christ.

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