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Sunday, November 1

We’re excited to worship with you today!

If you're new or would like to connect, fill out our guest card below, and come back to worship with us each Sunday at 9 or 10:35 a.m.

To join us in person, you can register each Monday at noon for the next Sunday's on-campus worship service. We'd love to have you!


Neil Tomba will be bringing the message today.


from Jesus

A future with...

• a home
• a person



How integral is prayer in your everyday life?

Do you believe God still supernaturally heals people physically today? Explain.

Do you find it easy to invite people to pray for you? Explain.

Why do we find it difficult to believe God could work through us to heal another person?


Our Vision

By 2026, we will be having thousands of surprisingly easy-to-start conversations about Jesus all over our city because we are convinced, where God has us is where Jesus is.

Share your stories of conversations about Jesus with us at

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