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World Passion Week

2023-04-23 2023-04-23 World Passion Week A week-long celebration of God's work through missions at Northwest! Northwest Bible Church | Dallas, TX Array


Sunday, April 23 – Saturday, April 29


What is World Passion Week?

We set aside a full week each spring to celebrate what God has been doing through Northwest missions over the past year, and look forward to how He is calling us to invest in missions over the upcoming year.  This also kicks off the beginning of our Faith Promise Campaign.


What is Faith Promise?

Each year at this time, we pledge through the Faith Promise campaign to collectively support local and international missions around the world.

Northwest’s missions budget is based solely on the amount promised through our annual Faith Promise Campaign. In addition to our refugee outreach at the Northwest Community Center, we support 70 missions partners across 6 continents. Visit our Missionaries page here to view our current families and organizations.

Last year, 443 families pledged over $2,251,000 dollars to be a part of God’s mission through our church. This amount allows us to not only focus on the world, but support five staff families working with refugees in Dallas’ Vickery Meadow neighborhood and covers the cost of operating our Northwest Community Center there.


What will be happening?

We have several events throughout World Passion Week that we would love for you to be a part of. Check out the World Passion Week page here for all the details!


April 23, 2023


Northwest Bible Church | Dallas, TX


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